So I’m creating this blog on the insistence of my husband and my therapist (see I told you I’m clinically sane, I even have a Dr.’s note….do you?)  I think my husband wants me to write a blog so that I’ll purge my random, scattered and occasionally neurotic thoughts via my blog and he won’t have to listen to my rambling observations…even as enlightened, pithy and astute as I may find them.

My friends tell me, “oh you should write more, you have such a unique style”, and I find as little comfort in those words as I do “oh, what a neat outfit, that’s so you“….uh huh, gee thanks.

What defines me:

I’m a child of the 80s (yes, technically I was also a child in the 70s)

I’m married to a computer geek (who’s also tall, dark and handsome….neat mix)

I have two neurotic dogs and I’m not sure who was neurotic 1st, me or them.

I think my house may be slowly killing my soul.  A fixer-upper sounds way more fun than it is…someone has to actually do all the work.

Most things that come out of my mouth (or typed off the tips of my fingers) are purely to entertain me.

I’m the child of a truck driver and I have the mouth to prove it.

I also have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy.

The best band: Dave Matthews Band

Most other bests, I can’t make a decision about.

I can’t make decisions.

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